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{Tip} How to Peel Frozen Bananas

My Husband is such a genius! Quick Tip: How to Peel Frozen Bananas. Advertisements

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Catching A Falling Duck

As I was getting some sugar for my tea, Barbie the duck, jumped out of Rylee’s towel and made a run for it. Normally this won’t be a bad thing, but on a seven foot deck with “drop holes”, and … Continue reading

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Frustrated Mommy Duck

SO I heard my first real quack today… but I am not sure if Barbie was just trying to clear her throat or not. She definitely sounded like Donald Duck! LOL. The coloring of their true feathers are coming in … Continue reading

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Day 2 – To bathe or not to bathe

I woke up this morning to the wonderful news that our ducks were still alive. The girls had already fed them breakfast and gave them fresh water. As my husband kissed me and took the girls out, I headed out … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Today, while  I was in a meeting, my family added two more kids to our household. Two Khaki Cambridge ducks, to be more precise. My daughters immediately names these two brown fuzzies Barbie and Sisboomba. Try as my husband might to … Continue reading

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