Day 2 – To bathe or not to bathe

I woke up this morning to the wonderful news that our ducks were still alive. The girls had already fed them breakfast and gave them fresh water. As my husband kissed me and took the girls out, I headed out to pick up the deck from the escapades of last night.

So I am not sure if I told you or not, but our ducks live on our deck. A perfect hideout for 3 week old ducks. But sometimes a stink fest for the others who enjoy the deck too. So I spent the morning, rinsing out the towels that lined the ducks bed the night before, cleaning out the ducks water , and cleaning out their pen. I SO need to get straw!

By afternoon it was 95* here, and I noticed, as we were holding the ducks, the ducks were really really warm. SO I decided to try another swim, but this time in the bath tub.

So into the basket we went. After filling the bathtub a quarter of the way full, I took the peeping ducks out of basket and set them in the tub. They didn’t move for while, but they drank. After a few minutes, the fun began! Ducking — no pun intended — ,splashing, running up and down the tub, etc. They were SO much fun to eat watch!

Twenty  minutes later, much to their dismay, I scooped up the birds and placed them back into their home.

First day in the tub, success! I am curious if tomorrow will be easier.


About J. Patterson

Mother of Twins, Reviewer, Gardener, and Baker.
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