Hello world!

Today, while  I was in a meeting, my family added two more kids to our household. Two Khaki Cambridge ducks, to be more precise. My daughters immediately names these two brown fuzzies Barbie and Sisboomba. Try as my husband might to secure two girls, I think Sisboomba might be a boy. He is slightly aggressive, but only time will tell.

When I returned home I was welcomed by shouts of “We got ducks!” and two very happy dogs. As I was lead out to the patio, where my husband and I made a small home for the ducks the night before, quiet peeping welcomed me. As I peered into the little home, two  semi-bald, semi-fluffy ducks were steering up at me, and I have to admit, I feel hopeless in love! Which is a good thing, because my husband informed me that these two were our last children of any sort for a LONG time. 🙂

Later in the day, I decided the ducks would like a swim in the kiddie pool. So I directed the kids to help me find small bricks in yard to use as steps, while my husband pulled the kiddie pool onto the deck. After barricading the stairs, and filling the pool with different size bricks to ensure the ducks could get out of the pool, I took the ducks out of there home.

Note to self: When taking the ducks out of their home, make sure you take them together. There was flapping, craning of necks, attempted escapes, and loud screeches of protests as one was placed into the pool and the other one picked up. After both ducks were in the pool, a different type of panic set in. Our three week old ducks were FREAKING out! Trying to climb out of the pool, flapping, and screeching. This went on for what seemed like forever, but after a few moments, my husband and I reached in and placed our hands over their backs and gently lowered them into the water. This seemed to work. As long as our  hands remained on their backs, they allowed us to gently rub away the food that clung to their feathers, and pet them. Much to my demise, as soon as I took one out to wrap it in a towel, the second one jumped out and made a run for it.

So while I was sitting in a chair, trying to calm the duck I was holding down, my husband was chasing the other duck around the deck. Now this wouldn’t neccesarily be a bad thing, but the sides of our deck – where the vertical beams touch the deck – were open to the ground below. SO a little duck running around the deck was not such a good thing. After another moment or two the duck was secured in my husbands hands and slowly lowered her into the towel with her sister.

The ducks went so still that they allowed my daughters to kiss the tops of their heads and stroke their necks. This thrilled our girls! After a few minutes the ducks were quietly lowered into their home. And I silently vowed not to try the swimming pool again for a while.

So as the sun set, we secured the ducks home for evening — did I mention that we live in the mountains — and went to bed.

We are now official duck owners who live in the mountains with two four year olds, a retriever and a schnauzer. This is going to be fun 🙂


About J. Patterson

Mother of Twins, Reviewer, Gardener, and Baker.
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